As a Football Head Coach, Alexandre Gallo works everyday with groups of people with different backgrounds and roles in the clubs. Sometimes personal goals are stronger than the team’s objective and that’s when he has to demonstrate his leadership skills to keep the team concentrated on the common goal, focusing on the victory.

There is no doubt that a Football Head Coach spends more time with his team  rather than with his own family which enables him to deeply observe the emotional conditions of his athletes so they can always be fully able to do their best in the football field

Using these skills everyday, Gallo gained large experience in interpersonal relationships in the professional enviroment with short-term achievements. Working at big clubs with a huge fan base, Galo also learned how to represent millions or even a Nation that is eager for victory all the time.

How to handle that? How to keep high level athletes from different social classes motivated and concentrated? How to plan a season with a short period of preparation but with a huge number of matches having only victory as a goal?

The answers for these questions made up Gallo’s  lectures for the following companies:

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